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B2Bsellers - Release 2.2.2

In the new version 2.2.2 of the B2Bsellers Suite, we have removed some content to make the search for individual article numbers functional again. In addition, several bugs have been fixed. ... Read More

B2Bsellers - Release 2.2.1

In the latest update, we are expanding the functions for customer-specific discount rates by now also enabling discounts based on customer groups. In addition, we have fixed several bugs to further improve the user experience: ... Read More

B2Bsellers Suite v2.2.0: Taking B2B commerce to the next level!

After a long period of preparation, we are incredibly pleased to introduce the latest version of our suite, B2Bsellers Suite 2.2.0. This version is undoubtedly our best yet, with a host of exciting new features that will revolutionize your B2B e-commerce. Let's take a closer look .... ... Read More

B2Bsellers - Release 2.1.2

Several improvements have been made in the newly released version 2.1.2 of the B2Bsellers Suite. This version mainly focuses on fixing bugs and optimizing the user experience. Nevertheless, there are some new features in this version to improve the functionality of the B2Bsellers Suite. ... Read More

Discover the advantages of the new B2Bsellers account!

We have exciting news for you! Our brand new B2Bsellers account has launched and we can't wait to show you all the benefits it has to offer. Our B2Bsellers account is not only for our customers and partners, but ... Read More

Be part of the football tournament in Esslingen!

Registration Further details Dear foosball fans, It's that time again! Our annual foosball tournament is just around the corner and we can hardly wait to experience an unforgettable evening full of fun, excitement and sporting ambition together with you. On Friday, 26.04.2024, ... Read More

B2Bsellers - Release 2.1.1 | 1.1.8

In the recently released version 2.1.1 & 1.1.8 of the B2Bsellers Suite, several improvements have been made. The Event Manager extension has been expanded to include functions such as

the indication of the date of birth when registering participants,

an additional confirmation e-mail upon registration and the option to

specify a venue at the PDP, ... Read More

B2B giant TOPSERV relies on B2Bsellers Suite for its "Order Solution"!

The specialized trade group TOPSERV®, which consists of 4 business groups and a multitude of associated companies and employs over 1000 people in Germany, relies on Shopware 6 in conjunction with the B2Bsellers Suite for its new "Order Solution". ... Read More

B2Bsellers - Release 2.0.0

We are pleased to announce the release of B2BSellers Suite 2.0.0.

Our new major version 2.X.X is now compatible with Shopware version 6.5 (min. 6.5.1) and offers you a seamless integration in Shopware...
... Read More

B2Bsellers - Release 1.1.4

The new version 1.1.4 of B2Bsellers Suite focuses on the security of our platform, as we have introduced an important security update to eliminate potential vulnerabilities. ... Read More