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Reach the next level in B2B e-commerce.
The No.1 B2B solution for wholesalers and manufacturers.
Simple integration into Shopware.
100% shopwarer extension
B2B means B2Bsellers Suite with Shopware

B2B corporate structure

  • Company groups
  • Manage purchasing employees
  • A user can shop for multiple companies
  • Different roles and rights
  • Release processes of purchase orders
  • budgets and quotas
  • Assignment of contact persons (field service & office service)
  • Display legacy or cross-system orders
  • Individual login settings for each employee
  • Passwordless login
  • Customers can invite employees via import/export
  • Customers can invite large teams via invitation link
  • Registration request by e-mail
  • Complex registration release process (in planning)
  • Employees can make access requests within the company group with approval/rejection

Prices, stocks, payment method and checkout

  • Payment via agreed payment terms
  • Customized assortments / sub-assortments
  • Customer-specific prices
  • Customized discount rate (+ max. possible product discount rate)
  • Live price query from the ERP (Available soon)
  • 1-click ordering directly from the product page (instead of 4-step checkout)
  • Article comments on the order
  • Copper and brass surcharges
  • Automatic orders of the shopping cart (Available soon)
procurement of spare parts

Spare parts store

  • Exploded views
  • Spare parts finder based on model numbers
  • Multidimensional accessory groups
  • Find similar items based on selectable technical properties
Digital transformation of sales

Digital sales promotion

  • Bonus program for all online sales
  • Product subscriptions (interval orders)
  • Order templates / order lists
  • Quick order via CSV
  • Cost center management
  • Manage events (training, e-learning, instructions).
  • Easy B2B platform menu editing with Shopware Rule Builder 
  • Inquiry article 
Easy shopping on behalf of your customers

Sales representative integration

  • Sales employees (back office or field service) can log into customers and place orders
  • Limitation to individual assignment, postal code areas or supervisor
  • Simply change prices individually in the checkout or add product-independent items
  • Sales support through automatic product list generation based on the items purchased/viewed or placed in the shopping cart
  • Extensive statistics and reporting capabilities for assigned customers
  • Order entry for sales staff - we call this inside sales order system. 
  • iOS/Android app for order entry etc. (Coming soon)
Why do offers always have to be written in the ERP?

Digital offer creation

Quoting has never been easier. Even complex project offers can simply be placed digitally in the customer's account. The customer can order quotes directly or choose from a selection of items. Add quote items directly via barcode from smartphone.

A new way to write quotes. More efficient, faster, more innovative and no system change.

  • A customer can use a Product request from the product detail page as an official offer
  • A customer can order a complete Shopping cart request as a quote directly from his assigned sales representative
  • Both also possible directly from the order templates
  • In addition, a direct quote can also be created in the shopping cart without the need for a sales representative to look at it again
  • ... and the sales staff can simply view and edit the quotations in the sales portal, as in an ERP system, and also place orders themselves on behalf of the customers. 

Make an appointment to see the B2Bsellers quotation feature. 


ERP integration in the B2Bsellers Suite

Easy integration into third-party systems

Don't worry, the Shopware 6 standard interface still works with B2B sellers Suite.

However, if you want to display additional data in the B2B platform such as: Purchasing employees, customer-specific prices, invoice documents or cross-system orders, adjustments may be necessary.
But: We have written instructions for this, so developers can easily adapt this according to today's standards.

Digital procurement with system

E-procurement (OCI, EDI, Ariba, Punchout)

  • OCI- Punchout 
  • OpenTransXML / Ariba
  • EDI (available soon)
Take advantage of all the benefits DES Shopware 6 Kosmos.

Integrated directly into Shopware

B2Bsellers extensions
Community Store Plugins

Take advantage of all the benefits of the Shopware 6 cosmos.

Individual development - Simple further development
Individual development​

Simple further development as in Shopware 6 

Headless shopware 6 way of thinking
100 % Shopware 6 Mindset

Simple further development as in Shopware 6

B2Bsellers Suite
One solution, maximum flexibility
One B2B Sellers platform, endless possibilities

Questions and answers

The store system Shopware 6 is, in our opinion, the most future-proof store system, which is currently enjoying great international esteem and growth.

In addition, Shopware has created an impressive ecosystem that enables store operators and agencies to implement individual requirements quickly and efficiently, for example with the Shopware Store plugins.

But not only that. Especially the technical software architecture from Symfony as PHP framework, Vue.js and Bootstrap in the frontend includes technologies that we have mastered for years, are very popular among developers and are made for the highest requirements.


Finally, with the headless and API-first approach, Shopware 6 is perfectly equipped to build B2B portals and B2B platforms. We want to contribute to the Shopware ecosystem with the B2Bsellers Suite. 

The B2Bsellers Suite is compatible with all Shopware 6 Standard ERP Interfaces. compatible. You can find all possible interfaces here. Through the many years of experience in B2B e-commerce, we know that you need a few more data than most standard ERP interfaces offer, however. (Examples: that all customers from the ERP are available in the store, that customer-specific prices are valid or that purchasing employees of your customers are invited as buyers). Old orders or "non" webshop orders should of course also end up in the store.

We at B2Bsellers have done everything possible for this:

  • There is documentation of API endpoints, how your ERP system can send the data to the store.
  • Through our connectors, you can easily fetch the data from the ERP REST API at regular intervals or upon login. These connectors are easily accessible through a Partner customizable.

As B2Bsellers, we also give you a 1,000€ discount* on the one-time license fee if your deployed ERP does not transmit the additional entities we want to Shopware. You can find more information about this here.

Already at the start of the beta phase we SAGE 100 as a partner. This means that all customers with a SAGE 100 about the Omniseller be able to use all the features of our B2Bsellers Suite.

We extend Shopware 6 in many places and you can use the Shopware 6 documentation or our B2Bsellers documentation to integrate more data into Shopware or into the platform.

Partners have already developed interfaces or integrations to a service platform, configurators or similar. Since the B2Bsellers Suite is also API-driven and headless, further data is easy to integrate.

One of the main differences compared to the Shopware Enterprise B2B edition is the range of functions and configuration options, because the Shopware B2B Suite was designed and developed more as a framework. Our B2Bsellers Suite, on the other hand, was developed as a complete solution with many configuration options. Additional plugins that can be integrated by Start are useful helpers in B2B commerce.

Another big difference is that B2Bsellers Suite allows you to build B2B platforms (customer portals), which are intended to serve as a portal for customers, their employees and the entire store operator sales team (field and internal sales) to collaborate. 

Our functional scope also includes almost all functions from the Shopware Enterprise B2B suite.

Compare for yourself.

Our B2Bsellers Suite is primarily aimed at manufacturers and wholesalers who have B2B companies as customers. For such scenarios, we can map complex group structures, collective accounts, employee accesses and much more.

In short, we love the Shopware Community Store. However, our plugin structure currently doesn't allow us to show the same clear representation of this building block principle in the Shopware Store as we do here directly on the website.  

Of course, the complete B2Bsellers Suite and all plugins can be customized to any customer requirement. We use all Shopware-known possibilities for this, such as subscribers, interfaces, Twig templates, Vue.js Components Override/Extend etc.

See for yourself in our developer onboarding video:


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The B2Bsellers Suite is sold exclusively via Partner implemented. You can find the list of our partners here. However, you can also contact your existing Shopware agency, because our B2B suite is built like a Shopware 6 plugin and is therefore also easy to extend and self-explanatory for a Shopware expert.

No, this is not possible - with the current specifications on the part of Shopware. In the Shopware Cloud, some of our extensions are not allowed, because we have, for example, extended the login process for employees or also the SalesChannelContext. These and other functions do not allow us to publish our extension as a "Shopware Cloud app". 

At the moment, only the on-premise version is compatible, but this is probably also common in B2B projects. 

In short, no - Since B2Bsellers Suite is a 100% Shopware plugin, it is easy to install on a server or hosting package. 

You can use various packages from all server/hosting providers, depending on your requirements and data volumes. 
We can recommend hosting on PROFIHOST-There are special B2Bsellers packages that allow you to get started quickly. 

Implementation times depend on how quickly your enterprise resource planning or other third-party systems are connected. All presented functions are out-of-the-box functions and ready for immediate use. 

You will certainly want customizing features in your project. These can then also be developed by our partners and all Shopware agencies.