B2Bsellers Suite

B2B Self-Service Portal

Providing the best self-service portal for your customers

Build a better digital customer relationships! Young digital B2B buyers differ from their peers. Create added value for your customers and put procurement in the customers' hands.
100% shopwarer extension

Build and run your own B2B Portal

Customize your own B2B-Portal

With B2Bsellers Suite and Shopware, you can choose from a variety of features and tools to suit your ideal use case. Create your own self-service portal exactly the way you want it.

Connect customers with your sales team

Automate sales and purchasing with one system.

Digitize quotes and service orders

Integrate more data into your self-service platform and create a single source of truth

We bring standard to
complex B2B portals!

Shopware in connection with the B2Bsellers Suite provides a great starting point. You can customize all B2Bsellers Suite features or use the Community Store for suitable plugin extensions.

Combine e-commerce with customer portal

Shopware and the B2Bsellers Suite is the right technology solution to combine your self-service portal with e-commerce on a single software solution.

Flexibility for whatever comes next

Our vision is to make the B2B purchasing and sales process digital for B2B merchants. Customize Everything. Integrate service contracts, master agreements and more.

Compose the B2Bsellers Suite to your needs

Your Shopware agency will be able to easily integrate and extend the B2Bsellers Suite like a usual Shopware plugin.

Integrate shopware into your IT infrastructure

All these integration possibilities are possible with Shopware. The B2Bsellers Suite is 100% based on Shopware and has the same integration possibilities!

B2B is complex.
We help you master it.

We would like to show you how B2Bsellers Suite together with Shopware can help you build a B2B self-service portal.