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The team behind B2Bsellers

Based on years of B2B expertise in the service sector, we developed the license product "B2Bsellers Suite" based on Shopware 6 with a great passion for digital B2B business processes with the aim of sustainably digitizing B2B e-commerce, establishing standards and letting the sales team collaborate digitally with the customer.

See for yourself how we understand B2B processes and integrate them into Shopware store software.
Our mission

Save internal process costs

The opportunity to significantly reduce process costs through digitalization is well known. Our mission is to offer you a standardized software extension that brings your sales together with the autonomous commerce platform and where your customers do business and maintain partnerships together with the sales team on a B2B platform.
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Join us in shaping the future of digital B2B commerce. We are looking forward to meeting you!
Daniel Hernet
Head of Product

Tim Resl

Aaron Löchner
Marketing Manager

The B2B E-Commerce Challanger

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We share a passion for driving change in B2B e-commerce.

Spin-off of the agency Mediagraphik GmbH

B2Bsellers GmbH is a spin-off of the e-commerce agency Mediagraphik based in Esslingen (south of Stuttgart).

Today the B2Bsellers team consists of 5 employees and would like to grow independently.

In 2020, Mediagraphik started to implement three project orders that were similar in their fundamentals. The longer the team developed on it and the more people learned about it, the clearer it became to everyone that there was potential here for a software extension for Shopware 6.