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In our knowledge workshop you will find instructions and tips on all kinds of B2B topics. You will also find valuable information to download .

B2Bsellers – Release 1.1.0

Im zweiten Mai-Release haben wir uns auf die Einführung unseres brandneuen Add-ons, dem Eventmanager fokussiert. Wir haben uns mit voller Leidenschaft diesem Projekt gewidmet und sind stolz darauf, Ihnen nun die Beta-Version präsentieren zu können.

Ebenfalls konnten wir wieder einige Bugs beheben und haben das Demodaten-Plugin aus dem Core entfernt und in Github als „open-source“ zur Verfügung gestellt. … Read More

Gain time with the new Eventmanager addon

Sparen Sie Zeit beim Verwalten von Schulungen Lassen Sie Teilnehmer sich selbst für Schulungen (egal ob online, offline oder zur Lernplattform ..) direkt in Ihrem Shopware-Shop anmelden. Egal ob kostenpflichtig oder kostenfreie Schulungen. Sparen Sie zudem viele Stunden Verwaltungsaufwand bei … Read More

B2Bsellers – Release 1.0.4

In the first May release, we fixed about 30 bugs based on customer feedback. Many thanks to all customers and partners for the bug report. ... Read More

B2Bsellers Suite: Release 1.0.3

In the April release, some bug fixes were made, there were also adjustments to the user interface.
The headless approach has also been slightly optimized for use with Shopware frontends. ... Read More

Shopware Meetup in Esslingen – seid dabei

Join us as B2Bsellers Suite hosts our first Shopware Meetup here in Esslingen (near Stuttgart). We are hosting the Meetup with our partner Kellerkinder. The topic of the evening will of course be "B2B E-Commerce" in connection with Shopware. Overview When: ... Read More

Die Firmenstruktur der B2Bsellers Suite

The B2Bsellers Suite is a powerful and versatile software extension for Shopware 6 that helps companies automate their business processes. Thanks to its modular structure, the suite offers a range of functions that enable companies to manage their customer relationships, processes and business activities more efficiently.... Read More

How to optimize the loading time of Shopware B2B stores with 1.5 million products?

In this blog post, we would like to discuss how to optimize the loading time of a Shopware B2B store with many items from a performance point of view. Many products, many performance problems Many wholesalers have a large number of products. Often even several million. Here brings ... Read More

B2B strategies VS B2C strategies

Why and how B2B digital strategy differs from B2C strategy When it comes to B2C and B2B business strategies, it's easy to conclude that e-commerce is simply e-commerce. Both strategies aim to make it easier for customers ... Read More

B2Bsellers Suite: Hotfix 1.0.1

Fixed bugs Developer News BEHOBEN BUGS BCS-1093 Fixed changing the delivery and invoice address in checkout proccess DEVELOPER NEWS Migration from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 Updating from 1.0.0 to version 1.0.1 is pretty simple: Option 1: Using the Shopware ... Read More

B2Bsellers Suite 1.0: New B2B standard for Shopware 6 released

Our new software suite 1.0 is finally ready! With B2Bsellers Suite you cover 80% of your basic B2B functionality. Learn more in the individual sections: General Launch Event 2023 The B2B Connectors disappear New Features Fixed Bugs Developer News B2Bsellers Suite ... Read More

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