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In our knowledge workshop you will find instructions and tips on all kinds of B2B topics. You will also find valuable information to download .

B2Bsellers Suite 1.0: New B2B standard for Shopware 6 released

Our new software suite 1.0 is finally ready! With B2Bsellers Suite you cover 80% of your basic B2B functionality. Learn more in the individual sections: General Launch Event 2023 The B2B Connectors disappear New Features Fixed Bugs Developer News B2Bsellers Suite ... Read More

Presentation of B2Bsellers Suite - Release Version 1.0

"Learn more about the new version 1.0 of B2Bsellers Suite" We have been working hard on today's version for the last few months and are happy to introduce you B2Bsellers version 1.0 in January. When: 01/24/2023 - 09:00 ... Read More

Release News: Product Updates in October 2022

Today we have released B2Bsellers version 0.9.6-beta! The October release got some new features and some bugs were fixed. In addition, the B2B suite is now available in Dutch, Danish and Polish. Learn more in the individual sections ... Read More

Differences of the Persistent Shopping Cart

With this article we would like to give you insight into a function that needs explanation. It's about the "Persistent Shopping Cart" feature of B2Bsellers Suite for Shopware 6. Learn more in the individual sections: What does a persistent shopping cart mean? What is the difference ... Read More

Release News: Product Updates in August 2022

Today we released B2Bsellers version 0.9.5-beta! The August release contains the biggest change so far: all plugins have now been merged under a single physical plugin. The new version also offers more features like the closed store login screen, the ... Read More

Advantages of a B2B customer portal

When we talk to wholesalers and manufacturers about the benefits of B2B commerce portals, they all agree that the procurement of products is increasingly being handled digitally (which is not surprising). But what advantages do digital customer portals based on store software bring to the table? ... Read More

8 tips for building a B2B portal

At the latest since the Corona pandemic, B2B purchasing has shifted even more strongly into the digital space. Buyers whose daily task is to procure goods not only want to break down the barriers of stationary trade, but also want to handle the entire purchasing process in a contemporary manner. They ... Read More

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