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Introduction of the new B2Bsellers Suite partner program

We at B2Bsellers Suite have been working intensively on the further development of our partner program in recent months. Thanks to the valuable feedback from our partners and our efforts to continuously optimize the cooperation, we are now able to present the new and improved partner program.

Partner First Strategy: The new benefits at a glance

The new partner program offers numerous advantages and opportunities to jointly reach new levels in B2B e-commerce. Here are some of the outstanding features:

Extensive support

The program now includes even more comprehensive support for all needs.

Cooperative marketing activities

Partners can now benefit from joint marketing measures.

Centralized information

With the new B2Bsellers account, all important information and resources are accessible in one central location. This makes it much easier to access the materials and information you need.

New partner badges:

Four new badges will be introduced to recognize the success and commitment of our partners. These awards are not only a symbol of outstanding performance, but also increase the B2B radiance and highlight the comprehensive experience with the B2Bsellers Suite.

Introduction of the new partner badges

The new partner badges are a special award for the partners' contribution to the B2B e-commerce industry. Here are the four new levels:
B2B Pioneer Level: Recognition for partners who break innovative ground in the B2B sector.
B2B Specialist Level: This level recognizes partners who distinguish themselves through specific expertise and excellent service.
B2B Expert Level: Experts demonstrate outstanding performance and in-depth know-how in the B2B e-commerce industry.
B2B Technology Partner: This badge is for technology and ecosystem partners who enable perfect solutions for their customers by integrating ERP systems and other strategic systems.

Growing together

Become part of our growing B2Bsellers Suite network and benefit from the numerous advantages of the new partner program. If you would also like to become a partner in order to reach new levels in B2B e-commerce together, you can submit a request here:
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