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B2Bsellers - Release 2.1.2


Several improvements have been made in the newly released version 2.1.2 of the B2Bsellers Suite. 

This version focuses mainly on fixing bugs and optimizing the user experience. Nevertheless, there are some new features in this version to improve the functionality of the B2Bsellers Suite.


This includes OpenApi v3 Store API route information for easier integration and development of extensions. In addition, product page layouts can now be customized to better meet individual requirements. 

The introduction of the OfferDocumentService interface for the PdfOfferController improves the creation of PDF offers.


In addition, version 2.1.2 also fixes a number of bugs that were identified in earlier versions.


BCS-1474 Updated B2bEProcurementOci extension to latest Version 1.1.9
BCS-1529 Switched to quantity input fields instead of dropdowns in multiple views
BCS-1609 Changed custom field setting at customer RegisterSubscriber to DataBag() method
BCS-1620 Removed required for salutation on the product request form at the PDP
BCS-1621 Add OpenApi v3 Store-API Route-Informations for Swagger file [addons]
BCS-1624 Changed redirect after login into employee as salesrep to the b2b_platform
BCS-1625 Removed custom field warning on employee settings in administration
BCS-1626 Replaced old MissingRequestParameterExceptions with RoutingException::
BCS-1630 Added symfony translator formatter for pluralization in b2b platform views
BCS-1649 Reworked general stylings of the B2B_Platform views (Headlines, Buttons)
BCS-1651 Changed value select to number fields on explosionview items
BCS-1671 Updated B2bEProcurementCxmlPT extension to latest Version 1.12


BCS-1555 Added B2Bsellers Suite product features for customized product page layouts
BCS-1577 Fixed property initialization error for the "employeeHasPermission" rule
BCS-1592 Fixed installation error on other base language then german/english
BCS-1598 Fixed event item without dates showed add to cart
BCS-1600 Fixed empty name getters of customer and address entities
BCS-1601 Added b2bOrderExtension association to OrderAware events
BCS-1604 Fixed global product comment not visible at approval process
BCS-1607 Fixed missing scrollbar at order overview in SW Administration
BCS-1622 Fixed redirect on employee export
BCS-1623 Fixed jump to max value on fast order
BCS-1627 Fixed Advanced pricing on fast-search when only one price step is setted
BCS-1628 Fixed getPayload class if productNumber is missing for discount or promotion items
BCS-1631 Fixed - using PriceDefinitionInterface as value type instead of ProductPriceDefinition in the OfferItemEntity
BCS-1635 Fixed potential MemoryLimit problem with __clone() of product list features on CMS Pages
BCS-1636 Fixed "urlAuthenticationIgnoreHash" option for the B2bUrlAuthentication feature
BCS-1641 Fixed offer creation from orderlist
BCS-1642 Fixed tabs for event details on PDP
BCS-1654 Fixed Editing the user profile requires ZIP code while Shopware removed the requirement
BCS-1656 Fixed paymentMethod and ShippingMethod association to OfferDocumentService
BCS-1660 Fixed total net sum at offer details
BCS-1670 Implemented OfferDocumentService interface for PdfOfferController

External Fixes

BCS-1619 \[ext\] translation fix \(Thanks to Scope01 - aschneider\)

Thanks to the community

A big thank you goes to the community, which continuously provides feedback and bug reports. The commitment of the community enables us to constantly improve the B2Bsellers Suite and optimize its stability and user-friendliness.

We are always grateful for feedback and strive to resolve all reported issues as quickly as possible. Version 2.1.2 of the B2Bsellers Suite brings more stability, improved usability and many other improvements. We look forward to continuing to work with the community to make the B2Bsellers Suite even better.


Migration from 1.X.X | 2.X.X to | 2.1.2

Updating from 1.X.X or 2.X.X to the latest version is quite simple:

Option 1: Via the Shopware admin area

1. upload the ZIP file in the plugin list
2. after that you have to click on "update" for the plugin "B2Bsellers Suite
3. then delete the cache.
4. finished, your B2Bsellers plugin has been updated to the latest version.

Option 2: Via the Console

1. delete all files under "custom/plugins/b2bsellerscore
2. upload all files from the ZIP into this folder again
3. execute "bin/console plugin:list && plugin:update b2bsellercore
3. then delete the cache.
5. finished, your B2Bsellers plugin has been updated to the latest version.

Option 3: Per Composer:

1. first request an access to our Packagist account.
2. perform "composer update b2b-sellers/core
3. you still need to build the storefront, the admin and the B2B platform
3. then delete the cache.
5. finished, your B2Bsellers plugin has been updated to the latest version.

Of course we recommend to run and test the update on a development environment first.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at support@b2b-sellers.com

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