B2Bsellers Suite

Sales Staff in a digital Age

Strengthen your sales team

Tired of dealing with phone orders and endless email trails from customers who want to place an order? With B2Bsellers Suite sales rep integration, you can fulfill orders, quotes, and more on behalf of your customers and save valuable time.
100% shopwarer extension

Provide your sales team with the tools
they need!!

Shopping on behalf of your customers

Your sales staff can log in directly to the customer account and place orders.

Achieve sales goals easily

Automatically generated product lists based on the items your customers have purchased, viewed or added to their shopping carts effectively support sales.

Increase sales - meet customer needs

Respond tailor-made to each individual customer and adjust prices in checkout or add individual product-independent items.

Maximize your customer loyalty

Keep track of all your customers' key performance indicators to make targeted decisions.

Successful sales with digital workflow

Order entry for sales staff - we call this inside sales order system.

Targeted selling and everything in view

Discover efficient sales management through targeted and individual assignment of zip code areas or supervisors.

Best of Breed B2B-Solution for Shopware

Developed for complex requirements

The B2Bsellers Suite for Shopware was developed from practical experience for the highest demands and extensibility. With the best of breed approach, we enable B2B merchants many functions out of the box.

Role and rights management

Complex company structures

Spare Parts Functions

Customer-specific prices

digital offer process

Exploded views

Express checkout process

Customer-specific Assortments

Budgets, Cost Centers ...

Integrate shopware into your IT infrastructure

All these integration possibilities are possible with Shopware. The B2Bsellers Suite is 100% based on Shopware and has the same integration possibilities!