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B2Bsellers - Release 2.1.0

We are pleased to announce the release of B2BSellers Suite 2.1.0.

The B2BSellers Suite is now again fully compatible with the new Swag Commercial Plugins from Shopware! ... Read More

B2Bsellers - Release 2.0.2 | 1.1.6

In the second release in October we fix a bug in the last newly introduced installation routine. In addition, it is now also taken into account if the email address for a newly created administrative employee already exists in the system as a guest orderer. ... Read More

B2Bsellers - Release 2.0.1 | 1.1.5

In the new version 2.0.1 | 1.1.5 of the B2Bsellers Suite, we have, in addition to some bug fixes, adapted the installation routine of the B2Bsellers Suite to point out how to proceed here for existing tables of a previous Shopware B2B Suite already during the installation. ... Read More

B2Bsellers - Release 1.0.4

In the first May release, we fixed about 30 bugs based on customer feedback. Many thanks to all customers and partners for the bug report. ... Read More

B2Bsellers Suite: Release 1.0.3

In the April release, some bug fixes were made, there were also adjustments to the user interface.
The headless approach has also been slightly optimized for use with Shopware frontends. ... Read More