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B2Bsellers - Release 2.1.0


The new B2Bsellers version 2.1.0 is here! 🚀

The B2BSellers Suite is now again fully compatible with the new Swag Commercial Plugins from Shopware!

What happened that there is a minor release?

We had to adapt our table names with this release as Shopware uses the same prefixes in their new Swag Commercial tools. This was necessary to avoid potential conflicts and to ensure the smooth functioning of our databases.

Please check your systems and adjust queries or scripts if necessary to ensure that everything works smoothly.

Major improvements

But of course there are also new features in the B2Bsellers Suite!

  • Sales employees can now also create quotations directly from the customer overview.
  • If the customer only provides one address for the offer, this is pre-filled directly in order to make the entire offer process a little more effective.
  • In addition, the quantity fields in our views have now also been converted to the new - 1 + variants instead of dropdowns and a little fine-tuning has been carried out on the search fields for employee and customer assignment.
  • The OCi and cXML plugins have been optimized for use with Shopware 6.5 and can now be used again.

Fixed bugs

Of course, we have also taken care of recognized and reported bugs that came up after the changeover to Shopware 6.5.

BCS-1468 Fixed wrong route in my account dropdown menu for "Your Profile"
BCS-1469 Fixed adding variant base models by fast order function
BCS-1470 Fixed route method for send-activation-mail
BCS-1514 Fixed orderlist Import with headlines at orderlist detailpage
BCS-1515 Fixed undefined variable $session in StorefrontSubscriber
BCS-1516 Fixed ensureNetPrice for order line items without tax rules
BCS-1517 Fixed getting the wrong language id in the LanguageInstaller when multiple languages with the same locale id exist
BCS-1518 Fixed the dynamic "added to cart" orderlists to a single list per customer
BCS-1520 Fixed required field "Departement" on employee creation modal as sales rep
BCS-1523 Removed guest customers from the sales agent customer list
BCS-1524 Fixed inherit existing columns on admin extensions
BCS-1525 Fixed salutation constraint for the shopware 6.5 update migration
BCS-1526 Fixed create add2cart products to own product-list when option is disabled
BCS-1527 Fixed platform route generation when the module name contains multiple underscores
BCS-1528 Fixed Inheritance of theme colors in the table header of the list view
BCS-1530 Fixed bonus program options in storefront even it\`s deactivated
BCS-1531 Fixed wrong link for payment methods in fly out customer menu
BCS-1537 Fixed searchability in administration for customer and employee connections
BCS-1538 Fixed hidden field required input on registration form
BCS-1539 Fixed category tree select when over 100 categories are available
BCS-1541 Fixed missing fast order results when using elasticsearch at latest SW 6.5
BCS-1542 Fixed error without rebuilding the storefront javascript due to the usage of PopperJS
BCS-1544 Fixed B2B Core settings not available when Swag Commercial is installed and active


Migration from 2.0.X to 2.1.0

The update from 2.0.X to version 2.1.0 is almost as easy as the previous releases. However, you must of course follow the recommended Shopware procedure. Shopware has some new features with the update. You should therefore take a little more time than before.
Please update Shopware min. 6.5.3.X before updating the B2Bsellers Suite.

Option 1: Via the Shopware admin area

1. upload the ZIP file in the plugin list
2. after that you have to click on "update" for the plugin "B2Bsellers Suite
3. then delete the cache.
4. finished, your B2Bsellers plugin has been updated to 2.1.0.

Option 2: Via the Console

1. delete all files under "custom/plugins/b2bsellerscore
2. upload all files from the ZIP into this folder again
3. execute "bin/console plugin:list && plugin:update b2bsellercore
3. then delete the cache.
5. finished, your B2Bsellers plugin has been updated to 2.1.0.

Option 3: Per Composer:

1. first request an access to our Packagist account.
2. perform "composer update b2b-sellers/core
3. you still need to build the storefront, the admin and the B2B platform
3. then delete the cache.
5. finished, your B2Bsellers plugin has been updated to 2.1.0.

Of course we recommend to run and test the update on a development environment first.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at support@b2b-sellers.com

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