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The B2Bsellers Suite company structure

The B2Bsellers Suite is a powerful and versatile software extension for Shopware 6 that helps companies automate their business processes. Thanks to its modular structure, the suite offers a range of features that enable companies to make their customer relationships, processes and business operations more efficient and cost-effective. Learn more about how the topic "company structure" can be mapped in the B2Bsellers Suite.
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1. how to build a company structure in B2Bsellers Suite?

We would like to help you understand the B2Bsellers Suite company structure.
One of the most important aspects of the B2Bsellers Suite is order entry, which allows employees to easily and quickly order materials online and significantly accelerate the procurement process. The platform offers an integrated approval process that facilitates order approval processes or budget limits for employee additions and defines order authorizations.
Order review is fast and efficient by sending the order request directly to the purchasing department where the purchasing team can review, make changes and ultimately accept or reject the order. Each step is carefully reviewed to ensure that the purchasing team can approve and sign off on the order so that assemblers and warehouse workers can get to their parts as quickly as possible.
The benefits of the B2Bsellers Suite lie in increasing efficiency and reducing manual work steps. By automating business processes, companies can save time and money, and their employees can focus on more important tasks.

2. explanation in brevity

The process begins with order entry: customers place their orders via the system, which are then checked by the responsible employees in the approval process.
The next step is the actual order check, in which all items are closely scrutinized. Here, care is also taken to ensure that all relevant information such as prices and quantities are correct.
As soon as everything has been thoroughly checked and there are no more errors, delivery can take place - including a suitable invoice, of course! The B2Bsellers Suite thus offers an efficient toolset for every step of the buying or selling process - without any manual steps or paperwork!

3. detail explanation

3.1 Order entry:

One of the most important aspects of the B2Bsellers Suite is order entry. When an assembler or warehouse worker needs materials, they typically need to contact internal sales, who will forward the request to the purchasing department. This can be a time-consuming process that can cause delays in material procurement. However, with B2Bsellers Suite, the assembler or warehouse worker can simply select the items they need from the online store and automatically send an order request to the purchasing team. This significantly speeds up the procurement process and reduces the error rate.

3.2 Workflow

With B2Bsellers Suite, you get an integrated approval procedure that allows you to request an order. Such a procedure facilitates you approval processes of purchase orders or budget limits for employee additions, including the definition of order authorizations. Benefit from higher efficiency in procurement!

3.3 Order check

With the fast and efficient order request sent directly to the purchasing department from the order creator, the purchasing team has the opportunity to review the order, make changes and ultimately accept or reject it.

3.4 Order release

By carefully reviewing each step, we ensure that the purchasing team can approve and sign off on the order so that the assemblers and warehouse workers can get to their parts as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4. what are the advantages of the B2Bsellers Suite company structure?

B2Bsellers Suite offers a unique company structure that allows companies to work even more efficiently. This structure simplifies managing and tracking your business. With B2Bsellers Suite you get instant access to several features that help you run your business more efficiently.
By setting up a hierarchical structure, B2Bsellers Suite provides a clear and straightforward overview of all your company activities. You can easily see all your departments, teams, projects and even individual employees to get a better insight into your business. This overview allows you to more easily see where the problems are and where you need to prioritize.
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