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B2B giant TOPSERV relies on B2Bsellers Suite for its "Order Solution"!

Project report

B2B giant TOPSERV relies on its
"Order Solution" to the B2Bsellers Suite!

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The specialized trade group TOPSERV® which consists of 4 business groups and a variety of associated companies and employs over 1000 people in Germany relies on Shopware 6 in conjunction with the B2Bsellers Suite for its new "Order-Solution". As a nationwide wholesaler for the building and healthcare industry (HORECA for short), customers will be able to work even more closely with the TOPSERV sales team on one portal in the future. The relaunch is already planned for the trade fair in September 2023. 


Formed from the merger of four medium-sized family businesses, TOPSERV offers its commercial and institutional large and small customers nationwide consulting and supply in the areas of professional cleaning, hygiene and care with more than 100,000 high-quality products and services. For municipal facilities such as administrative buildings, kindergartens and gymnasiums, the healthcare sector and industry, TOPSERV is the strategic partner for cleaning and hygiene products, disinfectants, workwear and care materials. The TOPSERV Group has set itself the task of fully digitalizing procurement processes, providing customers with a comprehensive self-service portal and being the leading specialist dealer for cleaning services and industry.

In a nutshell:

  • 1000+ employees:inside
  • 200+ delivery vehicles
  • represented at 23 locations
  • Integration partner: Valantic
  •  merge different data sources
  • Over 100,000 products
  • Small and very large customer structures

A leading B2B retailer with big plans

TOPSERV is currently planning a complete realignment of its e-commerce business. With thousands of products and a complex organizational structure, TOPSERV faced the challenge of digitizing and automating its sales structures and its customers' online procurement process. Together with the goal of implementing the most modern procurement system within its market, the B2B giant now wants to optimize its customers' ordering processes.

"This is exactly what TOPSERV was looking for: the B2Bsellers Suite convinces as a comprehensive solution - preconfigured for complex sales structures - with simultaneous flexibility and an extraordinary time-to-market."
Manuel Seraphin-Falout
Head of E-Business & Technology

When will TOPSERV go live with the B2Bsellers Suite?

Currently, the project is in the final phase of development and is scheduled to go live as early as the end of September. We can't wait to share the TOPSERV success story with our B2Bsellers suite once the project is complete!

Shopware Platinum Partner "valantic" took over the integration

TOPSERV Group is served by the agency "valantic". As one of the few Shopware PLATIN partners and an amazing 84 Shopware certifications, valantic is one of the most powerful Shopware agencies.

For TOPSERV, valantic is more than just an implementation partner, it is a partner at eye level who thinks along with the customer and has a lot of experience in B2B e-commerce.

Implementation partner: Valantic

"We used B2Bsellers Suite for the first time and were surprised how well they implemented the B2B features. There are so many practical features in hardly any other solution. Our customer is happy and so are we. This is how it should be."
Patrick Gottsacker
Project Manager and Shopware Unit Leader

B2Bsellers Suite - The complete solution for B2B e-commerce

TOPSERV's decision to use the B2Bsellers Suite shows that not only do great customers rely on the Shopware and B2Bsellers Suite combination, but that complex challenges can also be successfully overcome. It illustrates the power and flexibility of the B2Bsellers Suite to help TOPSERV take their e-commerce business to the next level.

With the acquisition of TOPSERV as a customer, B2Bsellers Suite has achieved another milestone in revolutionizing B2B commerce. It shows the confidence of an industry leader as well as the trust of a major Shopware agency in this solution and at the same time gives other B2B merchants with similar requirements reason to look forward.

"We wish TOPSERV every success in their B2B e-commerce venture and look forward to seeing the results in a few weeks."
Tim Resl
Managing Director of B2Bsellers Suite

The way to the B2Bsellers Suite

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