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The B2Bsellers partner introduces itself:


Strix is a Shopware Platinum Partner in the Netherlands. They design, build and expand world-class digital commerce platforms.

The company

Strix is part of the Strix Group, a European digital commerce agency. They push boundaries in e-commerce.

Strix is a full-service digital commerce agency based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Your team of 35 digital commerce professionals work for B2B and D2C clients. We like complex B2B ecommerce projects! 

Overview of core competencies:


Why Strix

We combine a creative approach to e-commerce systems development with an understanding of the B2B industry.

Our solution catalog includes products and services that help our customers improve their sales performance.

We select them according to business needs and the changing world of e-commerce, where omnichannel and digital transformation are key elements for success.

With Strix we design, build and grow ecommerce platforms for our clients. A big portion of our clients are B2B companies. We are very happy with our partnership with B2Bsellers because of the out of the box B2B functionality that is offered. The go to market for our clients is much faster. They can focus on online sales instead of thinking about features.
Marc-Paul Brandt
CEO of Strix
Contact details

Nijverheidsweg 16a
3534AM Utrecht

Phone: +31 (0) 88 6480401
Website: nl.strix.net
E-mail: info@shopworks.nl