B2Bsellers Suite

Data integration made easy

Quick and easy connection of B2Bsellers Suite for Shopware 6 to various ERP and CRM systems


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Contents of the webinar:

  • Brief presentation of the individual solutions: B2BSellers Suite for Shopware 6 and yedi
  • Easy connection to third-party systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Büroware, but also CSV files or REST API's (workflows, data models, connector templates)
  • Examples of selected B2B use cases: Possible applications of the B2BSellers Suite in combination with seamless data integration by yedi (e.g.: integration of cross-system orders from a third-party system)

How does data integration work in a B2B Shopware store today? We show how to quickly and easily connect the B2BSellers Suite for Shopware 6 to a company's existing IT systems using the yedi data platform. This creates, for example, a direct integration of a B2B portal with leading ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Büroware and others.

B2B customers expect much more from an online platform than just the management of all purchasing employees. They expect a minimum of effort and a maximum of service.
What is possible with yedi and the B2Bsellers Suite based on Shopware as well as a few practical examples will be presented to you by Philipp Niehues of yedi and Tim Resl of B2Bsellers Suite in a one-hour webinar.
About B2Bsellers Suite:
The B2Bsellers Suite offers wholesalers, manufacturers or companies with the target group "B2B" countless possibilities to provide a B2B store, a B2B portal or even a B2B purchasing platform for their customers.

About the data integration platform yedi:
yedi is the cloud-based data platform for companies. It enables simple, fast and secure data exchange between different IT systems, as well as the automation and digitization of data-driven business processes.

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vom 24.01.2023
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